DQR 6 · EQF 6

Your further education graduation is related to level 6 in the German and European Qualifications Framework. This is the Bachelor level. Additional to your graduation certificate you receive a europass certificate information as well in English and French.

skills and competences

· Possession of powers of economic judgement on the basis of broad and integrated knowledge and skills in theoretical and practical economics and in the legal and socio-political field
Possession of a detailed understanding of market oriented decision making and action
· Mastery of analysis, decision making, communication and control procedures
· Possession of a broad spectrum of methods for the professional and solutions oriented processing of complex entrepreneurial tasks and problems
· Possession of specific knowledge in the field of quality assurance typical to the branch
· Possession of detailed knowledge in the area of economic, technological, political, ecological and social structures
· Confident application of modern organisational, information and communication systems
· Ability to structure operational business processes including the measures and activities required for realisation acting on the basis of operational policy, planning and decision making stipulations
· Operative leadership and management in functional areas of operations such as marketing, procurement, goods and services, controlling, financing and human resources
· Instigation of initiatives in order to procure the necessary information for decisions 
· Use of customer-oriented communication 
· Act in a foresighted and responsible way in considering and making decisions 
· Use knowledge of foreign languages in a way which is adequate to the situation 
· Use conflict management methods
· Appraise and lead people
· Detailed understanding of group structures, exerting a positive influence on groups and managing groups in a positive manner
· Work cooperatively and communicatively within a team.

additional certificates

The College of Hotel Management Pegnitz provides you a wide range of additional qualifications.




· Fachhochschulreife Entrance Certificate
· Training apprentices in job profession related companies (IHK Bayreuth)
· Certificate English for Business (LCCI)
· Certificat de l´Hôtellerie et du Tourisme, DFA1
· Quality-Coach (Service Qualität Deutschland in Bayern)
· Certified Advisor of German Wines (Deutsches Wein Institut)
· Special courses for "Meister im Gastgewerbe" (IHK)

university admission

In an additional exam in the subject English you can acquire the Fachhochschulreife (advanced technical certificate) or Fachgebundene Fachhochschulreife (subject-linked advanced technical college). This additional exam means you have to do the successful attendance in the additional lessons of scientific basics and maths.
All graduates get the general access to higher education when they have done a counseling interview at a university.