State-certified restaurateur

One-year professional training with master's examination in the hospitality industry

The College of Hotel Management Pegnitz is the first technical school in Bavaria to offer one-year professional further education State-certified restaurateur. This master-level business management training prepares you in just one year for taking on management positions in predominantly operational fields, but also for successful independent management of your own company.
With sufficient performance in the final exam to become a restaurateur, the theoretical part of the master's certificate Filed in the hospitality industry as a chef, restaurant manager or hotel manager. The master’s title is acquired upon passing the practical master’s examination at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With sufficient performance, it is also possible to advance to the 2nd year of the College of Hotel Management Pegnitz, so that you can also obtain the advanced vocational training qualification as a Hotel business economist and also be able to achieve the subject-specific technical college entrance qualification.
Here you can get the Brochure for further training as a restaurateur .

Master's examination in the hospitality industry

The final school exam to become a restaurateur is recognized by the Bayreuth Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Upper Franconia as the theoretical part of the master craftsman's examination. The practical master's examination is then carried out in the direction of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for master chefs, restaurant managers and hotel managers. There are additional examination fees for the practical master craftsman's examination.

The overarching learning contents of the master craftsman examination are:

Corporate management with marketing and accounting:
Market-oriented corporate management, procurement and warehousing, provision of services, sales management, finance management, business evaluation, financial accounting and cost and results accounts.

Economics and business administration with law and taxes:
Economic order, principle of economic efficiency, contracts with suppliers and guests, basic tax rules, current topics.

Human resource management with labor law:
Employee management, labor law, youth studies and vocational training.

Communication and information management:
Rhetoric, conducting conversations, correspondence, presentation and moderation technology, data processing.

Expert applications:
Separate content for budding kitchen, restaurant and hotel masters:
Advising, receiving and accommodating guests, managing and promoting employees, planning, carrying out and controlling work processes in hotels, kitchens and restaurants. Procure and maintain products. Planning, organizing and marketing of services, technical practical applications.

Application and funding

Admission requirements
The admission requirements and the professions are regulated by the technical school regulations (FSO) in Bavaria and the requirements for the master craftsman's examination:
Completed training in a three-year training occupation in the hotel and restaurant industry,
Subsequent relevant professional activity of at least three years,
· Proof of instruction in accordance with § 43 nr 1 of the Infection Protection Act.
The admission requirements must be met by the start of the training at the latest. Basic knowledge of English is required.

Access professions
· Cook
· Restaurant specialist
· Hotel specialist
· Specialist for system catering
· Hotel clerk

Financing of further training
The new one has been in effect since August 2020 Advancement BAföG with numerous innovations in the promotion of course fees and livelihoods. The College of Hotel Management Pegnitz is certified for professional integration in the labor market according to § 2 of the statutory ordinance to SGB III (AZAV). The tuition fee at the municipal college of the district of Bayreuth is only EUR 100 per month, payable annually in advance of EUR 1.100. The total cost of specialist books, work clothing and training materials is around EUR 500.

Lesson table for restaurateur

The professional training to become a restaurateur includes differentiated lessons depending on the subject in the practical training F&B, restaurant or hotel. The elective subject Vocational and Job Pedagogics serves to prepare for the trainer aptitude test. Further elective subjects are controlling, event management and quality management. The timetable corresponds to the status of October 2020, possible changes are reserved.

Compulsory subjects1st year
German 1)2
English 1), 2), 3)3
Economics and Social Studies 1)2
Accountancy and Statements 3)3
Cost and Results Accounts 3)1
Finance and Taxes 3)-
Marketing 2
economic law 3)1
macroeconomics 2
Personnel Management and Law 3)2
Hotel organization 3)2
information processing 2
Food Technologies2
Elective subjects 4)+ 10 hours per week
Practical training F&B 6
Specialist practice restaurant6
Specialist practice hotel6
Vocational- and Job Pedagogics2
controlling 3)2
Event management 3)2
Quality management 3)2
Other elective subject2
Total hours34

1) The subject is to be included in the supplementary examination for the acquisition of the technical college entrance qualification in the 2nd year.
2) The written supplementary examination must be taken in the second year in the subject.
3) Possible final examination subjects in the 2nd year. The final examination comprises a foreign language and three other examination subjects. The total of the weekly hours for the four chosen final examination subjects is at least ten.
4) At the beginning of the school year, the pupils select compulsory optional subjects that are offered by the school in the first school year, and compulsory optional subjects that are only offered by the school in the second school year at the latest by the end of the first school year.